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We’re protecting ourselves from the flu

Within the Ephraim McDowell Health system, we care about the health of our patients and
their visitors. We also are concerned about the health and safety of our Associates, medical
staff members, volunteers and all others who come into our facilities. That’s why we are
requiring an annual flu vaccine for all of our Associates, medical staff members, volunteers and
students. Even vendors who will be working in any patient care during the specified flu season
will be required to have a flu shot.

We realize that some individuals have an egg allergy or a medical condition that would preclude
them from receiving the flu vaccine. In those cases, we are asking the individual to provide
documentation from a healthcare provider that they cannot receive the flu vaccine. Those
individuals will be required to wear a surgical mask while in any patient care area during
the specified flu season – typically September through March unless the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC) issues other guidelines.

The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age or older receive an annual flu shot.
According to the American Hospital Association, organizations with mandatory flu shots
substantially reduce the impact of the flu over those with voluntary programs. Our flu vaccine
guidelines are consistent with other precautionary measures our healthcare system takes for
infection control purposes.