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Meningitis outbreak information

There has been information in the news recently about a fungal meningitis outbreak that is associated with contaminated steroid injections.  Unfortunately, these contaminated steroid injections have infected at least 91 people and caused nine deaths, as of Sunday.  The contaminated steroid injections have been traced to a single pharmacy in Massachusetts, the New England Compounding Center (NECC).

The good news is that while Ephraim McDowell Health does provide steroid injections to our patients, we DO NOT use New England Compounding Center as our vendor of choice for those products.

Ephraim McDowell Health is very conscious of the quality of the services we provide as well as the quality of the products we purchase from vendors.  As a result of the problems associated with the New England Compounding Center, our Pharmacy staff has removed all other NECC products from use.