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A Children's Place

Working parents with young children often face a dilemma when deciding who will care for their children during the workday. Trust your child'sAChildrensPlace care to the staff at A Children's Place.

Our children's learning and development center is not an ordinary daycare center:

* Our staff members are trained and must meet annual competency certification standards.
* Your child receives personalized attention in an enthusiastic learning environment.
* Many of our staff members are trained as certified Child Development Associates.
* We provide your child with the most appropriate developmental environment - an Infant/Toddler Unit, an Early Childhood Unit or our School-Age Child Care program.
* Every classroom has appropriate child-size restroom facilities, furniture and indoor and outdoor equipment.
* Your child will enjoy toys and activities that encourage imagination, creativity, problem solving and early learning – all designed to foster age-appropriate development.

A Children's Place programs are available for:

* Infants (as young as six weeks old)
* Toddlers
* Preschool programs for children ages 3 to 5
* Before and after school-age childcare (up to age 10)
* Services are provided Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Right Fit for Your Child

We create just the right place for your child:

Infant/Toddler Unit

Early Childhood Unit

School-Age Child Care

Infant/Toddler Unit

The Infant/Toddler Unit at A Children's Place includes two nurseries and individual, age-based classrooms. The activities in each classroom Children'sPlace6vary according to the developmental levels of the children:

* Our staff members use activities such as singing, reading, crafts, art and the introduction of colors to focus on your child's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.
* Infants in our Nursery I classroom spend most of their day eating and sleeping, according to each child's needs. When the children are awake, our staff members interact with them and make them feel loved.
* In our Nursery II classroom, we adapt schedules to the children's needs but introduce more activities to stimulate their interest.
* For the toddlers and older children, we use a structured schedule that includes creative activities, exercise, singing, reading, identifying colors and numbers, and practicing the letters of the alphabet.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided to all of the children.

Early Childhood Unit

The Early Childhood Unit has separate classrooms for children ages 3 - 5. In each room:

* The curriculum focuses on preparing each child socially and academically for starting school.
* Each teacher prepares and follows a monthly lesson plan.
* Activities include reading a daily calendar that introduces the days of the week and the months of the year. Our staff members also review colors, numbers and the letters of the alphabet.
* There are centers for blocks, puzzles, art and other creative play. Children are encouraged to play with each other in these centers at scheduled times as well as during free play time.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided to all of the children.

School-Age Child Care Program

The School-Age Child Care Program at A Children's Place is for children age 6 - 10 years old. Services are available both before and after school, and all-day service is available during the summer, school holidays and school cancellation days.

* After school, the children are allowed a period of time to unwind from the structured school environment.
* Activities are planned each day as well as time scheduled where students may choose from several centers of learning, including a science center, a dramatic play area or a center of puzzles and games.
* A homework area is also available, and group projects are planned regularly.
* The summer program follows a specific theme each year, and includes activities and weekly field trips.