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Behavioral Health Services

Psychiatric Services

Life changes, medical conditions, and the overall pressures of daily living can have an impact on a person's behavior and mental health. We can GeriatricBehavioralhelp you learn to cope with those situations through our inpatient Behavioral Health Services.

Our multidisciplinary staff includes psychiatrists, nurses, clinical social workers, activity therapists and other support personnel, who deliver compassionate, supportive care in our 16-bed adult inpatient unit when you have trouble meeting life's challenges.

You may be admitted by a board-certified psychiatrist based on referrals by primary care physicians, human service agencies and other mental health providers, or you may self refer.

During treatment, you will participate in a variety of individual and group-focused activities to learn more effective tools for living. As you make progress, our staff will prepare you for the transition from the hospital back to your community.

Ephraim McDowell Behavioral Health Services is located at 222 South Third Street in Danville, and houses adult psychiatry and Addiction and Recovery Treatment (Dr. Allahham). To schedule an outpatient psychiatry appointment, please call (859) 239-5570.

Geropsychiatric Services

Older adults may face challenges related to aging. Life changes may result in psychiatric and/or behavioral symptoms ranging from anxiety and/or depression to dementia and paranoia. Our 7-bed Geropsychiatric Unit – one of only a few available in this area – is specifically designed to help older adults cope with changes they may be encountering. Our program is short-term and emphasizes dignity and respect for each individual.

For more information about inpatient Behavioral Health Services, please call (859)239-4000.