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Pain Management

Suffering with acute or chronic pain can affect anyone's quality of life. Our Pain Management Center offers treatment for the pain you suffer PainManagement as well as assist you in learning how to manage your pain.

Our goal: help you take control of your pain so you can return to the life you want.

Founded in 1998, our Pain Management Center provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to assist you in learning how to manage your pain. Your treatment plan will be individualized to meet your specific needs. We also include family members in your treatment plan because of the essential role they play in completing the continuum of your care.

Pain Problems We Treat

People experience pain for a number of reasons and we typically treat:

* Shingles/postherpetic neuralgia pain
* Sacroiliitis and chronic hip pain
* Chronic back/neck pain
* Headaches
* Automobile accident injuries
* Degenerative disc disease
* Spinal stenosis
* Myofascial pain
* Fibromyalgia
* Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (Causalgia)
* Other acute/chronic pain

Your Treatment
Your medical care will be provided by board-certified anesthesiologists who specialize in advanced pain management. Care is also provided by physician assistants and registered nurses who are also specially trained in pain management techniques. The physicians utilize interventional pain procedures such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA), intrathecal pain pumps and neurostimulator implantation along with a variety of nerve block/injectable methods. Other treatment methods may include stress management, exercise, physical and occupational therapy and nutritional and pharmacy consultation.