When Jane Todd Crawford needed life-saving surgery she didn’t go to New York, Chicago, or even Lexington. It was Dr. Ephraim McDowell, who performed the very first abdominal surgery in the United States right here in Danville. We still believe patients should not have travel to get the very best medical care. In the legacy of Dr. McDowell, Ephraim McDowell Health believes the patients we care for deserve innovative, high-quality medical treatment. We also believe our patients receive excellent care because of our providers.

EMH is a special health care system, one that is the benchmark for so many kinds of care, quality management programs, outstanding accreditation achievements, and finally, a place with a heart where the people we serve feel individually cared for and cared about. As leaders in the field of medicine, providers in our community stand apart for their role and commitment to meet the needs of those we serve through the good use of resources, innovation in clinical care, research and education.

An investment in the Ephraim McDowell Health Care Foundation’s Dr. Ephraim McDowell Legacy Society helps us maintain that excellence of care. With a gift of $500 (or $19.23/pay period for those who are Associates) or more, providers can join this exclusive society that honors medical professionals who donate and continues a lineage of medical innovation and leadership in central Kentucky.

Current Members of the Dr. Ephraim McDowell Legacy Society are:

Dr. Aslam M. Ahmad, M.D.
Jennifer Daniel, ARNP
Dr. Brian Ellis, M.D.
Dr. Hussam N. Hamdalla, M.D.
Dr. Sharat Koul, D.O.
Dr. James Turpin, M.D.
Dr. Justin Kolasa, D.M.D, M.D.
Dr. Katrina Kolasa, M.D.

The Founding Members of the Dr. Ephraim McDowell Legacy Society were:

Dr. Anjum Bux
Dr. Hussam Hamdalla
Dr. Don Hamner
Dr. Rick Hempel
Dr. Rick Pellant
Dr. Khursheed Siddiqui
Dr. Kryder Van Buskirk

Members in memoriam are:

Dr. Richard Nallinger
Dr. Neil Weintraub

For more information on the Dr. Ephraim McDowell Legacy Society, please contact Jessica at (859) 239-2362 or jrjohnson@emhealth.org.