Thank you for choosing Ephraim McDowell Commonwealth Cancer Center. Your cancer treatment will include a variety of services for cancer and its related complications. Our goal is to provide you with care and compassion throughout your treatment. In addition, we offer support to your family members.

Chemotherapy Treatments – Our hematologists and oncologists have more than 50 different kinds of chemotherapy drugs available to patients. They also participate with clinical trials. Some of these use state-of-the-art drugs. As a result, they may help you live longer and more comfortably.

Radiation Oncology – Our patients benefit from our 23IX Linear Accelerator system. This is one of the most advanced and sophisticated systems in the world. This image-guided radiotherapy system allows for better targeting of tumors. As a result, it improves the precision and effectiveness of cancer treatments. It also minimizes the volume of healthy tissue exposed to radiation during treatment.

Patient at Commonwealth Cancer Center, Danville, KY

PET/CT Scan – Our scanner can complete a total body scan in less than 20 minutes. It produces a comprehensive, three-dimensional image with incomparable accuracy.  

Other Services

Tumor Registry Program – In an effort to provide ongoing care for cancer patients, data on each cancer patient is collected. It is placed into a central repository at the Kentucky Cancer Registry. This allows individual facilities to compare their management of specific types of cancer to the management of similar patients throughout the state. It also allows for comparisons of all aspects of your treatment with those of national standards. 

Support for patients – People affected by cancer often find they need help in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of living with this disease. Oncology social workers can help patients, their family and significant others cope with the emotional issues of cancer. They provide referrals to community agencies and support groups as needed and have access to a wide array of programs to help patients with some of the financial burdens associated with treatment.  Contact Ruth Goggin, MSW, at (859) 236-2203 or for any questions about these or other services.