Our Community Service Department may be small but it makes a big impact. Our mission is to make a difference in the health and wellness of our six-county service area. Thus, individuals will be healthier as they lower their risk factors. As a result, our communities will be more viable as the health of residents improve. Because of what we do, we help our communities to become the best they can be. Through our department, we complete a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years. This identifies the primary health risk factors in the communities we serve. Because of these assessments, we can tailor our services to what is important in the community.

You can view the results of those assessments by clicking the links below.

We offer regular health screenings to detect for the risks of heart disease and stroke. We also screen for diabetes, cancer and obesity. These screenings detect health issues early. As a result, patients can treat their health issues when they are more manageable. We provide these screenings in churches, schools and businesses. This improves access to health services for many people. As a result, people are screened when it is convenient for them. In addition, we work with those who are screened to set goals for improving their health. Thus, they can start a journey to a healthier lifestyle.