We offer both inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services. Our staff includes a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner, licensed counselors, and licensed clinical social workers. Our inpatient unit is also staffed by nurses, activity therapists and other support personnel. We deliver compassionate care through individual and group-focused activities. As a result, patients learn more effective tools for living.

We have a 16-bed inpatient unit for adult patients. We also have a seven-bed Geropsychiatric Unit. It is one of only a few available in this area. The unit helps older adults learn to cope with issues in their life. Those issues can include anxiety, depression, dementia and paranoia. The program is short-term. It emphasizes dignity and respect for each individual.

Patients may be referred by primary care physician, human service agencies and other mental health providers. Patients may also self-refer.

We also offer outpatient behavioral health services. It includes Addiction and Recovery Treatment services. Outpatient services also include psychiatric and neuropsychiatric services for the geriatric population. This can be helpful for those caring for a loved one with dementia.

Senior Life Solutions

Ephraim McDowell James B. Haggin Hospital offers Senior Life Solutions. This six-month program is for Medicare patients. The program can help seniors who are dealing with a range of issues. These can include depressed mood, unresolved grief, anxiety and nervousness. It can also include isolation or loneliness and sleep or appetite changes. As a result of this program, patients can safely return to their optimal style of living.

The program teaches coping skills through group, individual and family therapy. Treatment is also confidential. We also coordinate the patient’s care with their primary care physician.

A noon meal is provided during the session.

To determine if you qualify, please call (859) 733-4878.

Our Behavioral Health Provider

Provider John Allahham

John H. Allahham, MD.

Dr. Allahham is a psychiatrist who treats inpatients while also staffing the Outpatient Behavioral Health Services. He graduated from the University of Jordan in 1987.

For an appointment, please call (859) 239-4000 for inpatient services or (859) 239-5570 for outpatient services.


  • 217 South Third Street, Danville (inpatient services)
  • 120 Daniel Drive, Danville (outpatient services)
  • 464 Linden Avenue, Harrodsburg (Senior Life Solutions)