When you have a disease or injury affecting your bones or muscles, we can help. We are dedicated to developing and utilizing the latest techniques in orthopedic and spine care. Our team specializes in a variety of procedures designed to meet your individual needs. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive plan from admission to discharge in order to streamline your hospital stay and get you ready for a better life.

We offer personalized treatment plans for those needing:

  • Joint replacement
  • Treatment for degenerative changes in bones and muscles
  • Sports-related or other bone and muscle injury treatment
  • Spine surgery

Our rigorous standards of care earned us four Gold Seals of Approval™ in Disease-Specific Care Certification for achievements in our total hip, total knee replacement, spinal surgery, and hip fractures. We are the only hospital in the state to have those certifications for total hip, total knee replacement and spinal surgery, and we are only the second hospital in the state to hold this distinction for hip fractures. These certifications are by The Joint Commission, which assures you are receiving the best quality care available for orthopedic and spine care. Not only is The Joint Commission telling us we are excellent—our patients are too. They rate us as excellent in pain management and 90 percent or more of our patients meet their mobility goals at time of discharge. We make sure you are up and moving and getting back to life!

We offer:

  • Specialized rooms: These rooms are equipped with furniture designed for patients with orthopedic and spine conditions.
  • Rehabilitation gym: The gym features rehabilitation therapy equipment to improve balance and flexibility. It also has a unique patient transfer vehicle for teaching surgery patients how to get in and out of automobiles.
  • Rehabilitation apartment: This cozy area looks like home but it has a special role in your care. Equipped with all the comforts of home, including chairs, bed, dining room table, kitchen appliances, bathroom and a washer and dryer, the apartment is used to give patients occupational therapy as they practice their activities of daily living, such as preparing meals, doing laundry, getting in and out of bed, and bathing.

Our team of certified rehabilitation specialists is stationed on this floor to provide you with the support and guidance needed for your recovery.

Patient Education

The following documents give valuable information concerning each of our procedures and information for before and after surgery:

To find an orthopedic surgeon, go to our Physician Finder page.