When you need urology services, Ephraim McDowell Urology can help. Our office is staffed by urologists and a certified physician assistant. Because of their experience and training, they can address any urological concern. They diagnose and treat a broad scope of diseases affecting the urinary tract of men and women. They also diagnose and treat conditions of the male reproductive system. Our urology services include treating the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the male reproductive organs.

Patients and their family benefit from the care we provide. Plus, they don’t have to travel far for that care. Our providers treat all aspects of urological issues. Those include kidney stones, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement and general urological diseases. We also perform vasectomies inside the office. As a result, patients have better outcomes. Plus, the cost is less than if the service was provided elsewhere.

Our providers offer patient-centered care. We value our patients and treat them with respect and dignity. In addition, we listen to their concerns and involve them in decisions about their care. As a result, patients can feel at ease in our office.

When patients seek care from us, we develop a treatment plan specific to them and their diagnosis. We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatment options to our patients. We provide the highest standard of care and comfort to our patients. Thus, our patients receive the best solutions for their needs.

At Ephraim McDowell Urology, our providers specialize in:

  • General urology
  • Treatment of kidney and ureteral stones
  • Neurogenic bladder
  • Prostate, bladder, testicular, renal and penile cancer surgeries
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urologic oncology (genitourinary cancer)
  • Women’s urologic health
  • Safe and effective vasectomies

Our Providers

Dr. William Rankin

William R. Rankin, M.D.

Dr. Rankin is a Boyle County native. He has been in practice in Danville since 2001.  He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1995.

Dr. Ryan Turpen

Ryan M. Turpen, M.D.

Dr. Turpen is a native of Glasgow. He has been in practice in Danville since 2015.  He graduated from the University of Louisville in 2006.

Dr. Katherine Kersey

Katherine MacMurray Kersey, P.A.-C.

Kersey is a certified physician assistant. She has been in practice in Danville since 2014.  She graduated in 2014 from the University of Kentucky.

Provider Spencer Larkin MD

Spencer Larkin, M.D.

Dr. Larkin graduated in 2015 from the University of Kentucky. He joined the Ephraim McDowell Urology practice in August 2020.

Patient Appointments

To schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please call (859) 239-2700. You may also complete the online appointment form.


  • 230 West Main Street, Suite 102, Danville
  • 92 J.T. Petty Drive, Russell Springs